Sharp MZ-80A Disc Basic Library PC WAV Sound File Database by Peter Perkins. 220904



The Sharp Users Club, based in the UK, and active for many years, has accumulated a wealth of software for the range of Sharp Machines.


As the MZ-80A Librarian, I had requests from all around the world for programs on tape or disc.


As the disc systems were fairly rare, most people had to use the inbuilt Sharp tape recorder for loading files.  Although pretty reliable they could give some problems.


Sending tapes and discs via the internet has been an issue for some time.  A number of solutions are available, but I choose my system below as it offered the most compatibility, and is the simplest.


The Sharp MZ-80A stores or reads programs from tape just like a music cassette.  This system can be error prone, especially with old or worn data tapes.  However by linking your Sharp to a standard PC using a simple Cassette Adapter we can use PC WAV sound files, and dispense with the tapes altogether!



These WAV sound files (recordings made of the original Sharp data tapes or disc files) can now be sent via e-mail, and when played back on the PC, will load via the adapter into your Sharp!


To use these files follow the instructions below.


In the example I show you how to load the standard Sharp Basic SA-5510 onto you machine.


1) Get a cassette adapter as shown above.  (Available from any electrical shop!)

Note: if you don’t have an adapter, or don’t want to buy one, you can record the sound files straight onto a standard cassette tape from your PC, and then put that in the Sharp!


2) Put the cassette adapter into your Sharp, and plug it into the line out (or speaker socket) of you PC.


3) Set the PC sound playback level to about 1/3rd maximum volume.


4) Download the uncompressed standard Sharp MZ-80A basic SA-5510 WAV PC sound file from


5) Turn your Sharp on, and set it to load.  (Type L and press <CR>)  Press Play on cassette.


6) Play the sound file on the PC.  It should take under 2 minutes to finish.

Note: If you don’t get the message “Loading SA-5510” on the Sharp within a minute, or you get an error message, then go to step 7.


7) If the program does not load, reset the Sharp, adjust the PC volume up or down, and repeat the process.  When you find the sweet spot for your machine, make a note of it.  All the sound files were recorded at the same level, so once set, programs should load first time every time!


The 20 Sharp disc files available for download, are my complete collection of SUC program discs.  They are “db01.rar” to “db18.rar” and “id01.rar” + “id02.rar” Click the one you want below to download it.


The discs are compressed using “Winrar” so you need to uncompress them

using your PC, before they can be played back.


“Winrar” can be downloaded free from

The trial version is fine; you don’t need to buy it.


You need to scroll through the WAV files to find the specific programs you want.

They are not named; you need to cross reference them with the SUC library list available here.


I use a PC sound editor (Sound Forge) to make this loading of individual programs easier, as you can see the WAV sound file structure.  Search Google for a free one!


Sharp tape files are divided into two parts.  A short header and a data section.  Each preceded by a tone.


Therefore, if you want to load program three from one of my disc files, you need to skip the first four chunks of sound in the file before you press play.


The CPM operating system and program discs for the Sharp are not available using this method.  They still require ordering in the normal way.


As an added bonus, a new member has just scanned my original Sharp MZ-80A owners manual, and it is now available for download here as a pdf file.


Problems?  E-mail me via the Sharp Users Club UK Site.
(Edit by You can't contact him, coz he is no longer the MZ-80A-librarian of the SUC. To this, read his article at the SUC-site)


Or directly at ... (address deleted by ...


Regards Peter Perkins





I may well eventually split each disc file into individual programs, but they may take a bit of time.