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Emulator for several Z80, 6809 and 6502 systems 
( for DOS/Win/Linux; written by Michael Franzen / Germany )  
General Operating Instructions
Executing a machine and/or a program

System selection

The available programs can be separated by the selection of a specific machine. For example, if you want to get the available programs for the Spectrum only select "Spectrum" from the selection box.

This enables you to ececute a program of a specific machine (i.e. the Spectrum). To this, see the next step.

Program selection

The available programs for the Spectrum are shown. Now select the game "Elite" or go to the Spectrum screen by selecting "Spectrum".

Note, you also can display all available programs by selecting "All" from the selection box ( not shown ). If you select a program in this case, the associated machine will be started and the execution of the program selected.

Getting the copyright and version information

Copyright infomation window

Copyright-Information displayed by the "?"-button

Changing the screen size and/or selecting the scan line mode

Activating the scan line mode
The emulator supports the scan line mode. Select "S" to activate the scan line mode.
Screenshot of the scanline mode
You also can select the screensize or color while executing a machine (i.e. MZ-700).
Selectable screen sizes
This shows all available and selectable screen sizes. The emulator screen is resizable if the mode pointed to by the cursor is selected.


Screen color selection
You can select the screen color:
FARBE = select color
Grau / BW = black and white
Grün = green

Rate 0 - 9
Sound ON/OFF
SYNC and the bar
The emulator synchronizes its internal processing speed for high speed CPU's automatically ( more than 500MHz, e.g. 2GHz ). If you want to turn off this use the "sync"-button.
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INI Aufbau

For the PSG sound try to find out the best option:

PSG options

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